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Who is the Wang Family?

Hailing from Nantou County, Taiwan, we are the Wang Family. We've been involved in the tea business for several generations. Now our youngest generation, comprised of the brother and sister team of Josh and Ivy, have decided to make our finest teas available to tea drinkers the world over. To do this, we work with our family and trusted friends to ensure that we can always offer the highest quality Taiwanese tea. Whether it be a fresh high mountain oolong, a beautifully roasted oolong, or a fragrant Sun Moon Lake black tea, our goal is to always find tea that represents the best that Taiwan has to offer.


Through this website, we also want to offer our fellow tea drinkers a window into the life and culture of Taiwan, and Taiwanese tea. Over time, we hope our site, and blog, can become a repository of fact based information on Taiwanese tea, and Taiwanese tea culture.


Thank you all for the opportunity to share our family's passion for tea. We look forward to sharing our tea and knowledge with you.

Wang Bao Shan Logo.jpg

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