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©2019 by Wang Family Teas.

Who are we?

The characters read 王寶山 (Wáng bǎoshān)。This Means Wang (our surname) Treasured Mountain。In Taiwan, tea is the treasure of the mountains。 This name was given to us by our Grandfather。

To us, there are very few images more meaningful, more Taiwanese, than that of a gathering of family and friends under the shade of an old growth banyan tree. It doesn’t matter how far away someone lives, we all come together to catch up, share stories, and bond as family and friends. Of course, what would a gathering like this be without good food, and fine tea? The tables overflow with dishes from our kitchen, delicacies from local shops, and local, eco-grown fruits. The tea - grown, picked, and processed with our own hands - flows endlessly; it’s brewed by younger generations, and given to the elders. This is our tradition. This is the heart of the Wang Family.

We grew up with tea. It’s in our blood. We can remember following the footsteps of our Grandfather and Grandmother as they walked to their tea garden. We would help them manage the garden. It was hard work, but when we finished a harvest, had the first sip of freshly produced tea, well, it made that work more than worth it. Working with our Grandparents, and with nature, was one of our greatest joys.

The brother and sister team of Joshua and Ivy Wang.

We still work in harmony with nature till this day. Taiwan is a bountiful, verdant land of mountains, gorges, rolling plains, heavy mists, and plentiful rainfall. Because of this, there are very few places on this Earth that are as suitable for growing tea. Each mountain, each micro-climate, each terroir, has its own, wholly unique tea. Growing up, we didn’t fully appreciate how unique a treasure the tea of Taiwan is. Now that we do, we feel like it’s our obligation as tea farmers, as Taiwanese, to share this treasure with the world.

The view from our rooftop. You an see ginger growing around our house, and in the distance is a dragon fruit plantation.

To that end, we have decided to make our finest teas available to tea drinkers the world over. To do this, we work with our family, and our trusted friends to ensure that we can always offer the highest quality Taiwanese tea. We have strict quality control to ensure that only our finest eco-grown, freshly harvested, organically produced tea reaches you. We do this because we believe that you deserve to experience the finest tea Taiwan has to offer.

This is a Sijichun tea garden that is just 5 minutes from our house.

We’ve spent our lives dedicated to the study and appreciation of tea, and tea culture. We believe that good tea can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Tea is a simple comfort. I think you’ll agree that in today's stressful world, we all deserve simple comforts.

While we are extremely passionate about sharing our tea, we are also extremely passionate about sharing the culture of Taiwan. It is our hope that this blog will become a place to promote Taiwan, Taiwanese tea, and Taiwanese culture.

We invite you to join us as we continue to grow, and share the treasure of not just the Wang Family, but Taiwan as a whole.

We hope that you always find time to enjoy fine tea.

From our family to yours,

Joshua and Ivy Wang.

Hailing from Nantou County, we are the Wang Family. We've been involved in the tea business for several generations. Now our youngest generation, comprised of the brother and sister team of Josh and Ivy, have decided to make our finest teas available to tea drinkers the world over. To do this, we work with our family and trusted friends to ensure that we can always offer the highest quality Taiwanese tea. Whether it be a fresh high mountain oolong, a beautifully roasted oolong, or a fragrant Sun Moon Lake black tea, we hope to always find tea that represents the best that Taiwan has to offer.

Through this website, we also want to offer our fellow tea drinkers a window into the life and culture of Taiwan, and Taiwanese tea. Over time, we hope our site, and blog, can become a repository of fact based information on Taiwanese tea, and Taiwanese tea culture.

Thank you all for the opportunity to share our family's passion for tea. We look forward to sharing our tea and knowledge with you.