Alishan High Mountain Oolong

Alishan High Mountain Oolong


This tea is offered in two levels of roast:

  • Unroasted
  • Light Roast

Unroasted: Dry tea leaves are bright green, and smell of chlorophyll.  First round of brewing brings out a strong floral flavor and fragrance.  The tea liquor is a beautiful amber color. This tea is already starting to impart a long lingering aftertaste; the flavor starts floral, and moves to the deeper taste of orchids. The second of brewing imparts an additional woodsiness of mountain forests.  Think freshly sprung bamboo shoots and old growth pine trees. The florality of the first round grows sweeter. This sweetness makes the tea liquor seem almost thick in the mouth. The fragrance of the second round is sweet, woodsy, and has an undercurrent of grass to it. The third round enhances all the notes of this tea.  The woodsiness, florality, and taste of orchids are especially pronounced here. The aftertaste is very sweet, and lasts for many, many minutes.


Light Roast: Dry tea leaves are an earthy, dark green color. The leaves smell nutty, and have a dry sweetness to them. This aroma becomes even more obvious after rinsing the leaves. The first round of brewing brings out a predominantly woody aroma that has undercurrents of honey roasted nuts. A light taste of longan charcoal is also present. We find this combination of aromas and flavors to be extremely relaxing. The tea liquor is a bright golden-yellow. The second round of brewing introduces a strong fruit aroma. Interestingly, the previously mentioned aromas have become more dominant on the palate, than on the aromatic side. The tea liquor has shifted into a more amber shade of gold. The third round of brewing enhances the flavor of stone fruits, and adds a tremendous amount of floral sweetness. The smell and taste of longan charcoal has all but disappeared. If it weren’t for the ever present nuttyness, it would be hard to tell that this was a roasted tea. The floral sweetness completely dominates the finish.