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Alishan Jin Xuan High Mountain Oolong


  • The dry tea leaves are forest green, and have a sweet, light mountain aroma. The tea liquor is bright yellow, and has the distinct Jin Xuan aroma of milk and flowers. The milk aroma is sweet and smooth.  First round of brewing has an obvious milk note that spreads from the mouth to the nose. A sweet orchid note is also present. The aftertaste is sweet, and builds up over time. The second round of brewing deepens the milk flavor, strengthens the sweet orchid flavor, and slightly darkens the tea liquor.  The aroma of the tea liquor is so intensely milky, that it almost reminds us of concentrated powdered milk, but without any chemical smell. The third round introduces a somewhat fruity note to this tea. The milk and orchid taste are still strong, but not as intense as the second round. On the finish, the milk note builds up to near its original strength.  The milk aroma of this tea lingers long after you’ve finished your cup.