Personal Ceramic Travel Set


Our Personal Ceramic Travel Set is a perfect fit for the individual brewing on the road, in an office, while traveling, or while exploring the beauty that nature has to offer.  This is achieved by its elegant simplicity of design. With only 3 parts (plus a carrying case), there is no more compact travel set then this one. While being compact, and very convenient, this set doesn’t sacrifice any usability. The mug has a large, 300ml capacity, and is wrapped with a protective, heat proof sleeve.  The filter basket is generous, which helps tea leaves expand to their full size when brewing; this helps ensure you get a great tasting, evenly brewed cup of tea. The lid is thick, to help with heat retention. When not brewing, the lid also acts as a drip stand for the filter basket. All of these factors add up to our Personal Ceramic Travel Set being a must have for anyone with an active lifestyle.


Are you a fan of “gradpa style” brewing?  This set is for you! Just take out the filter basket, add an appropriate amount of tea to the mug, and use the lid to help heat retention doing those late brews.

Made of: Porcelain

Includes: 1 Mug, 1 Filter Basket, 1 Lid, 1 Carrying Case

Mug: 300ml, Diameter (at widest point) 8.5cm, Height 12cm

Total Weight: 435g

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