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  • Cui Feng Lightly Roasted Oolong



    • Location: Cui Feng Mountain(翠峰山)

      Cultivar: Qingxin Wulong(青心烏龍)

      Garden Elevation: 1700m

      Season: Winter 2018

      Roast Level: Lightly Roasted with Traditonal Charcoal Method(炭焙)

      Harvest Style: Hand picked


      The tea has passed the pesticide residual inspection by SGS Company.

    • Like it’s unroasted counterpart, this tea's dry leaves have a light sweet aroma to them.  Once brewed, this sweetness is enhanced by a rejuvenating mountain fragrance. What do we mean by “mountain fragrance”?  Imagine the smell of fresh air, morning dew, cooling mist, lush forests, and aromatic wild flowers. Being a mildly roasted tea, the light smell of longan wood charcoal is also present. We find this combination of aromas to be thoroughly intoxicating.  The tea liquor is the color of whiskey. The second round is where this tea really starts to shine. While the previously mentioned flavors and aromas are still present, the charcoal notes are starting to become more dominant. The charcoal is now adding a flavor of cream, and nuttiness.  The third round sees an interesting shift back into the more mountainous side of flavor. Now the most dominant flavor is that of flowers. We feel that this tea is everything a well roasted gaoshan (high mountain) tea should be; Wonderfully complex, and with an extraordinary depth of aromas and flavors.