Fenghuang Dong Ding Oolong


This tea is offered in two levels of roast:

  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
Roast Level

Light Roast: The dry leaf has the mixed colors of dark green, to greenish-brown; the leaves smell slightly nutty, with hints of longan charcoal and fragrant wood. The first round brews up a clear light yellow color, and enhances the nutty aroma of this tea. The taste is smooth, and sweet. The longan charcoal flavor is present, but is in no way overpowering. Successive rounds of brewing deepen every aspect of this tea. The color of the tea soup shifts from light yellow, to a vibrant gold; the aroma is strongly nutty, and now has a hint of cream; the flavor of this tea has become very sweet, woodsy, and slightly fruity thanks to the longan charcoal. The finish is sweet, and lasts for a good amount of time.


Medium Roast: Color of the dry leaves range from dark greenish-brown to light black; dry leaf aroma is that of roasted nuts, with a hint of cream and honey. The tea liquor is a deep, red tinged yellow. First round of brewing smells sweet, roasty, and slightly creamy. This round tastes honey sweet, somewhat roasty, slightly creamy, and has a distinct flavor that only traditionally made, deeply oxidized oolongs have.  This tea has a strong aftertaste that starts out sweet, then transitions into a more roasty flavor profile. The second round of brewing has a stronger roasted aroma than the first round, but it still retains some of that honey sweetness. Interestingly, the flavor of this tea has gone in the opposite direction and is now very sweet. However, underneath that sweetness, you can still taste the roasty, creamy, and deeply oxidized notes.  This tea also has a distinct mouthfeel; it’s rich, and coats your mouth in very much the same way that heavy cream does. Third round of brewing has a wonderful complex aroma of cream, sweetness, and roasted nuts. Sweet cream is now the dominant flavor of this Dong Ding, but it still retains the unique deep oxidation notes.

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