Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong

Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong


Please note, we are down to our last stock of Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong.  We will not be able to restock this tea until the spring 2021 harvest. 

Dry tea leaves are deep green, tightly rolled, semicircular pearls with the aroma of white sugar.  Once you rinse the leaves you can smell a rich orchid aroma combined with high mountain sweetness.  The first round of brewing produces a tea with a deeply satisfying orchid aroma, and the taste of white sugar, mung beans, and peach blossoms.  The tea soup is a beautiful golden-yellow.  This tea has a long and obvious aftertaste with strong Huigan (回甘 / returning sweetness).  The second round has a strong aroma of peach and orchid.  The peach aroma is deep and combines on the palate with notes of sweet vegetal, and mung bean.  The third round shows wonderful complexity.  The tea has taken on a distinct note that can only be compared with the decadent richness of hard-boiled egg yolk.  This flavor is complimented by the complex notes of perfectly ripe peaches and cream, mung beans, white sugar, and grassy vegetal.  The huigan continues to be mellow and sweet, with a pleasant refreshing quality to it.  Imagine you are hiking on a 2500m mountain. Take a deep breath of the clean mountain air in.  That is what the huigan is like.

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