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  • Golden Sunrise Wood Fired Teaware


    The tea ware presented here are from the studio of the Yang family. Yang Jiaquan started his career working for a large factory that produced luxury porcelain dolls for wealthy clients in Europe and America. After several decades of making artisanal goods for other people, Mr. Yang decided to pursue his art by founding his own pottery studio in his hometown of Miaoli City. Today, Mr. Yang, along with his wife, Gu Yaoxiang, and daughter, Yang Yijuan, both talented potters in their own rights, continue to create some of the most beautiful pottery in Taiwan.


    The Yang family's dedication to traditional, artisan techniques results in truly one of a kind pieces. It takes an average of seven days to finish a simple teapot, with more complex pieces taking up to fourteen days to complete. In fact, making the flowers for their teapots takes a minimum of 3 days. If they are not completely satisfied with the finished piece, they recycle it and start again. This dedication to aesthetic is what sets the Yang family apart.

    • For this teapot and pitcher, Mr. Yang and his daughter, Yang Yijuan, decided to use a local, wood fired kiln that is known to impart a unique golden-yellow metallic sheen to the pieces fired within. Given the radiance of this unique color, we decided to name this series "Golden Sunrise".

      The teapot, made by Mr. Yang, in the classic gejing (鴿頸壺 / "dove neck) shape, is a wonder to behold. The back features an inscribed, eight-character stanza that reads: 傲然之志經霜不凋. Roughly translated, it means "Persevere. Face the challenge. Keep doing the right thing, and your dreams will come true." This message is also the reason the front of this teapot features the beautiful chrysanthemum flower. Though seemingly delicate, the chrysanthemum flower blooms in the harsh conditions of Autumn and Winter. Mr. Yang hopes that every time the new owner of this teapot uses it to make tea, they will remember the strength of the chrysanthemum flower and be uplifted through difficult times.


      The pitcher, made by Yang Yijuan, is a testament to the elegance of simple beauty. Though the form is not overly complex, it is executed in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a delight to hold and use. The proportions of this pitcher are pleasing, while the delicate double curved aesthetic gives it an uplifting feeling. The lip curves outward in a way that is both beautiful, and functional to prevent the user from being burnt during use.