Hakka Flower Print Travel Set

Hakka Flower Print Travel Set

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Featuring the vibrant colors of the traditional Hakka flower motif, and a simple, but elegant, form, our Hakka Flower Print Travel Set is truly a perfect example of functional beauty. In fact, this style of Hakka Flower print is so popular that everyone from the former president of Taiwan,  Ma Ying-jeou, to humble tea pickers can be seen wearing this pattern. While the pattern is beautiful, we are pleased to say that this set was also designed with an eye towards convenience. For example, the easy gaiwan and fair cup have cord wrapped handles to protect your hands while pouring, and the porcelain has slightly thicker than average walls to help with heat retention while brewing. These may seem small at first, but we believe that they help achieve a better, more consistent brew.  This set also comes with a durable, compact carrying case.

Whether you work in an office, are constantly traveling, or are a devotee of the great outdoors, this tea set has something to offer.  After all, no matter where we are, or what we are doing, don’t we all still deserve good tea?

Made of: Porcelain
Includes: 1 Easy Gaiwan, 1 Fair Cup, 6 Tea Cups , 1 Travel Bag.
Tea Cups: 30 ml, Length 6.5 cm, Height 3.5 cm.
Fair Cup: 130 ml, Length 12 cm, Height 6.5 cm.
Easy Gaiwan: 130 ml, Length 12 cm, Height 6.5 cm.
Total Weight: 785g

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