Hand Painted Tea Tray

Hand Painted Tea Tray


We provide six styles of hand painted tea trays:


  • 盛事太平 (Peace and Prosperity)
  • 君子似竹有節 (Humble like bamboo)
  • 笑口常開 (Grinning all the time)
  • 山禽畫趣 (Mountain Bird Painting )
  • 吉祥金枇杷(Golden Loquat brings lucky)
  • 冰清玉潔(Candid and Disciplined)


Made of: Clay

Tea tray with drain

Length 29.5 cm, Width 19.5, Height 2 cm.
Total Weight: 1.6 kg


Please Note: Due to their nature as a handmade product, some of the paintings will not perfectly match those shown in the pictures.