High Mountain Oolong Experience

High Mountain Oolong Experience


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This sampler features tea from three of the most famous high mountain tea growing areas in Taiwan.


25g Alishan High Mountain Oolong - Alishan is famous for being the first high mountain (above 1000m) growing area in Taiwan.   Our Alishan tea is sweet, floral, and woodsy.  On the aftertaste, you can expect florality that evolves into the rich note of orchids.


25g Shanlin Xi High Mountain Oolong - Our Shanlin Xi comes from an organic, unmanaged tea garden nestled in the heart of the pristine bamboo forest Shanlin Xi has become famous for.  This tea has notes of bamboo, osmanthus flowers, and egg custard. 


25g Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong - Cui Feng is located in Ren'ai Township, which is part of Lishan Mountain. This tea has strong notes of freshly cut grass, orchids, and high mountain sweetness.