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Alishan Jin Xuan Heavily Roasted Oolong


  • Dry leaves are dark, and smell like buttery.  After rinsing the tea, the butter aroma is joined by that of florality, and sugar sweetness.  First round of brewing reveals a deep yellow liquor with a strong fragrance of butter. Most Jin Xuan (Golden Lily) has a milky flavor to it.  Because of our roasting process, this milky flavor is transformed into one of butter. The initial taste is sweet, buttery, and has an undercurrent of florality.  The mouthfeel is silky. This tea has a strong warming effect on the body. Second round of brewing shows off an increase in florality, and adds a slight longan charcoal flavor.  The flavor of longan charcoal becomes more dominant on the finish. Though, it is never overpowering. This Jin Xuan produces a darker color liquor on the second round. It’s now the deep caramel color of a good bourbon.  Flavors and aroma remain largely unchanged. Third round of brewing increases the sweetness, and adds a flavor of cream. The mix between sweetness, florality, longan charcoal, cream, and butter is an intriguing one. This is truly a unique Jin Xuan.