Competition Dong Pian

Competition Dong Pian


Dong Pian oolong comes from the second winter harvest.  In the period of the Winter Solstice (節氣:冬至), which lasts about 10-12 days, the tea tree mistakenly thinks that Spring is coming; this causes the tea tree to produce new buds. These new buds grow in the coldest time of year and are thus subjected to widely varying temperatures of warm days and cold nights. This results in the unique, very special tea, that we call Dong Pian. During the growing period of tea, the climate is cold and the growth is very slow.

While producing this tea, I chose to do a light roast for four hours. My goal with this light roast was to keep the unique characteristics of Dong Pian, while giving it the slight boost that roasting can provide. We can see the dry leaves are kept bright green and fresh looking; the dry leaves have an obvious fragrance of sugar and balsam flowers (鳳仙花).  The tea liquor is a deep gold color and has an intensely sweet aroma. This sweetness is carried over in the flavor of this tea. If you like floral notes in your tea, then this is a must try.

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