Lishan Bi Lu Xi High Mountain Oolong

Lishan Bi Lu Xi High Mountain Oolong


Bi Lu Xi is loacted in Renai Township(仁愛鄉), on Lishan Mountain.

Tea leaves are big and beautiful, semicircular bright green pearls. Once rinsed, this tea exhibits the aroma of sweet peaches.

The first round of brewing produces a tea with the flavor of gardenias, sweet mung bean paste, and a hint of peach. This tea is already developing a strong and long lasting huigan.  The second round has a rich orchid aroma, combined with a scent of the high mountain forest. Especially in an empty cup, a light sugar fragrance is retained and lingers for many monents. The huigan has become even more obvious.  In the third round of brewing, the tea soup has become incredibly soft.  The distinct orchid fragrance of the Qing Xin Oolong cultivar is on full display. There is also a bit of minerality, woodsiness, and fruit on the plate.

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