Lishan Mountain Terrior Experience

Lishan Mountain Terrior Experience


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While Lishan is often thought of as a single growing area, that couldn't be farther from the truth.  In reality, Lishan is a large mountain with several distinct growing areas - each of which grows tea with distinctly different tastes.  In this experience we present four of the most famous terroirs of Lishan Mountain.

10g Dayuling High Mountain Oolong - At 2500m, Dayuling is the highest tea growing region in Taiwan. With intense florality and notes of white sugar, petrichor, and vegetal, this is a truly unique high mountain tea. 

10g Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong - Like Dayuling, Fushoushan, located at 2500m, is one of the highest tea growing regions in Taiwan. This tea has a deeply satisfying orchid aroma, and the taste of white sugar, mung beans, and peach blossoms. The tea soup is a beautiful golden-yellow. This tea has a long and obvious aftertaste with strong Huigan (回甘 / returning sweetness).


25g Qilai Shan High Mountain Oolong - Qilai Shan is a new, and relatively unknown, area for growing high mountain tea.  Our Qilai Shan comes from a garden located at 1800m, and has notes of sweetened mung bean paste, vegetal, and high mountain forest.


25g Cui Feng Lightly Roasted Oolong - Located at 1700m, our Cui Feng Light Roast has notes of freshly cut grass, orchids, and fresh sugar cane.