Lishan Lightly Roasted Oolong




The dry leaf color is dark green-brown color.  The dry leaf aroma is a little sweet, with hints of the longan charcoal we used to roast this tea with.  When brewed, the tea soup color is a crystal clear yellow with slight highlights of green. After rinsing, the aromatic qualities of this tea become apparent. The aroma is sweet, woodsy with a hint of vegetal, and slightly nutty.  The first round of brewing reveals a vibrant array of flavors. The initial taste has the sweetness of brown sugar, with a pleasant roasted note that grows stronger on the finish. This tea has a very impressive, long-lasting finish.  Even after many minutes, the taste of longan charcoal is obvious. Second round of brewing bring in some bright notes to this tea. It becomes more floral, and sweet. The woodsyness and vegetal notes are not as prominent now. The roasted characteristic of this tea, while obvious, is not overwhelming.  Nor is it too fiery.

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