Miaoli Qingxin Da Pan  Green Tea

Miaoli Qingxin Da Pan Green Tea

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Qingxin Dapan(青心大冇) is famous for being the cultivar used in the production of Dong Fang Mei Ren (東方美人茶) However, when processed correctly, it also makes a very nice green tea.


High Grade – The high grade of our Qingxin Da Pan Biluochun is made using a more bud-heavy picking standard.  This results in a very delicate green tea.  The tea soup is a crystal clear light greenish-yellow.  The aroma is reminiscent of petrichor, freshly cut grass, bamboo shoots, green beans, and lightly sweetened mung bean paste.  The flavor is crisp and refreshing, but doesn’t lack in complexity.  The dominant notes are those of bamboo shoot, osmanthus blossom, green bean, white sugar, and freshly cooked mung bean.


Medium Grade – This tea is made using more mature Qingxin Da Pan leaves.  Because of this, the tea tastes somewhat similar to a good baozhong.  When brewed, this tea has strong notes of osmanthus flowers, sweet leafy greens, and just a hint of fruit pectin.

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