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Miaoli Wood Fired Waste Water Bowl - Golden Sunrise

NOTE: All Teaware ships from Taiwan using traceable EMS shipping. Shipping typically takes 5-10 work days to arrive at destination.
  • 500ml water capacity.


    The teawares presented here are from the studio of the Yang family. Yang Jiaquan started his career working for a large factory that produced luxury porcelain dolls for wealthy clients in Europe and America. After several decades of making artisanal goods for other people, Mr. Yang decided to pursue his art by founding his own pottery studio in his hometown of Miaoli City. Today, Mr. Yang, along with his wife, Gu Yaoxiang, and daughter, Yang Yijuan, both talented potters in their own rights, continue to create some of the most beautiful pottery in Taiwan.


    The Yang family's dedication to traditional, artisan techniques results in truly one of a kind pieces. It takes an average of seven days to finish a simple teapot, with more complex pieces taking up to fourteen days to complete. In fact, making the flowers for their teapots takes a minimum of 3 days. If they are not completely satisfied with the finished piece, they recycle it and start again. This dedication to aesthetic is what sets the Yang family apart.

  • 100% handmade from locally soucred clay by the Yang Family in their small family run studio in Miaoli County, Taiwan.

    Wood fired in a brick kiln at 1,250 C for five days. The extreme heat reached in this kiln results in an average breakage rate of 40% during the firing process.