Persimmon Tea Jar with Wuyi Oolong

Persimmon Tea Jar with Wuyi Oolong


We usually buy persimmons during the Lunar New Year to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year. Because "persimmon" is a homonym for "things", it takes the auspicious meaning of "everything is good" and "good things come in pairs"

In Lunar New Year, we’re going to launch our new product: 柿柿如意武夷烏龍茶 "Shih Shih Ju Yi Wuyi Oolong "

The shape of the tea ball is rather delicate. Put the tea leaves in a warm teapot before rinse, the tea has a faint sandalwood fragrance. The first round of brewing produces a tea that is woody and smokey. Keep the soup in the mouth for a while, I taste a light floral fragrance, and the aftertaste is smooth and sweet. The second round of flavor becomes deeper, it brings a stronger floral scent in the latter part of the taste, in the bottom of the cup still exudes a charming brown sugar aroma. In the third round, I am starting to feel the fruit scent, and the aftertaste brings a sweet woody fragrance. Because the charcoal roasted tea is perfectly combined with the Wuyi variety, the tea smell and taste of this tea is fascinating.

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