Qilai Shan Hong Shui Oolong

Qilai Shan Hong Shui Oolong



The dry leaf color is dark black. The dry leaf aroma is malty sweet and somewhat floral. The rinse smells deeply malty, with woodsy notes from the roast.  When brewed, the tea liquor is a deep yellow-red, and smells like the sweet florality of roses. The first round of brewing tastes sweet, malty, woodsy, and slightly floral. The aftertaste obvious; sweet, long lasting, and soothing to the throat.  The second round makes the sweet rose aroma more obvious; the flavor becomes more malty, woodsy, and introduces a black sugar note. The third round sees a change to the aroma. This Hong Shui now smells of honeyed fruit. For all three rounds, the tea liquor is soft, and soothing in the mouth and throat.

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