Roasted Oolong Experience

Roasted Oolong Experience


Enjoy a curated collection of our teas at 10% off.

This collection includes three teas that have been roasted to different levels: Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Heavy Roast.  We hope this experience will be educational on the effect roasting can have on oolong tea. 


25g Beishan Wuyi - Our Beishan Wuyi is a high mountain tea that has been heavily roasted using the traditional charcoal method.  We chose to give this tea a heavy roast because the Wuyi cultivar is very suitable for ageing.  The heavy roast will allow this tea to maintain a rich characteristic throught the ageing process.  Now, one year after roasting, the tea has strong notes of cream, hazelnuts, and brown sugar.  There is also a strong cha qi (tea energy) present in this tea.


25g Fenghuang Dong Ding - Dong Ding is the quentessential roasted tea. We chose to give this Dong Ding a medium roast to enhance the rich notes present in this deeply oxidized oolong tea.  Our Dong Ding has notes of honey, roasted chestnuts, heavy cream, and the distinct flavor that only traditionally made, deeply oxidized oolongs have.

25g Cui Feng -  Our goal when lightly roasting tea is to create the perfect marriage between the deeper notes of roasted tea, and the lighter notes found in fresh oolong.  Because the base material of this Cui Feng oolong already has wonderful high mountain flavors, we gave it our lightest charcoal roast possible.  The result is a tea with notes of freshly cut grass, richly aromatic orchids, and sugar cane.