Shanlin Xi High Mountain Oolong

Shanlin Xi High Mountain Oolong


Dry leaves are forest green in color, and have a light aroma of grassy sweetness with some florality.  After rinsing, the florality of this Shanlin Xi permeates the air. After brewing the first round, I immediately smelled the gaiwan cover.  I was greeted by the smell of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. The first round has a distinct high mountain flavor; woodsy, floral, and altogether refreshing.  The second round further increases the florality of this tea. The tea liquor for this round is creamy, and delivers a strong sweetness during the aftertaste. The third round continues to show the sweet-floral nature of this  Shanlin Xi, but now there is also a delightful green bean scent to this tea. The aftertaste is strong and sweet, and lasts for long after you finish drinking.

We recommend drinking this tea in the morning; it will lift your spirit for the day to come!

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