Shanlin Xi Wild Garden High Mountain Oolong

Shanlin Xi Wild Garden High Mountain Oolong


This tea comes from our unmanaged high mountain (1200m) garden located in the pristine growing environment of Shanlin Xi. We are proud to say that this tea garden is also certified organic.

The first round of brewing has a thick, heavy orchid scent.  The rich sweetness of orchids pairs wonderfully with the refreshing high mountain flavor of this. This sweetness coats your mouth and continues to grow through the finish.  The second round of brewing adds wonderful depth to the flavor profile. The tea now has a strong aroma of Osmanthus flowers in full bloom and is joined by a distinct note of sweetened mung bean paste. The third round continues to deepen the aroma of osmanthus flowers and orchids; the aroma is incredibly sweet and fresh. These wonderful aromas are joined by notes of stone fruit and black sugar.  The distinct high mountain flavor of Shanlin Xi is also present. The refreshing characteristic that Shanlin Xi oolong is famous for provides wonderful balance to the richer notes that are present in this tea.

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