Taiwan Cultivars Experience

Taiwan Cultivars Experience


Enjoy a curated collection of our teas at 10% off.

In this sampler we present a curated selection of some of the unique cultivars used in Taiwan to produce oolong tea.

25g Alishan High Mountain Jin Xuan - Jin Xuan, also called Taicha No. 12, is famous for its naturally occuring milk aroma and flavor. Jin Xuan grown in the high mountain areas of Alishan is famous for having the strongest milk flavor.


25g Shanlin Xi High Mountain No.22 Radiant Jade Oolong - No.22 Radiant Jade(台茶22號)is a new cultivar created by the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES). The taste is very floral, with secondary notes that are like bug bitten tea - sweet honey flavor with delightful fruitiness. The hui gan (回甘 / returning sweetness) of this oolong is intense and long lasting.


25g Shanlin Xi High Mountain Oolong - Our Shanlin Xi uses the most prestigious cultivar in Taiwan, Qingxin Oolong. Qingxin Oolong is the royalty of the Taiwanese tea industry because of its unique floral aroma, and ability to thrive best in high mountain tea growing areas.


25g Baguashan Dong Pian - Our Dong Pian uses the Siji Chun cultivar. Siji Chun, literally "Four Seasons Spring", is famous for its prodigious growth. Unlike most cultivars which can only be harvested four times a year, Siji Chun is capable of being harvested six times in one year. Our Dong Pian is a result of the fast growth of Siji Chun, as it comes from the second winter harvest of Siji Chun. This second winter harvest produces a tea that closely mimics the characteristics of high mountain tea but adds a unique "frost" aroma.