Cui Feng High Mountain Tie Guanyin Oolong




Dry leaves are tightly curled, mediumly sized, and have a dark green emerald color.  The dry leaves have a strong smell of green beans. After rinsing, the green bean aroma becomes incredibly strong.  First-round brews up a clear, light yellow. The first sip tastes heavily floral. There's also a note that can best be described as "Forest flavor". It's sweet, woodsy, and reminds us of the serenity of a high mountain bamboo glade.  The green bean flavor is also present, but has become more of a secondary note. On the finish, the floral taste is slowly morphed into a deeper orchid taste. The second round doesn't see many changes. Instead, all the existing notes are ramped up in intensity.  The third round maintains the same flavors.  The mouthfeel is becoming incredibly soft and slippery; it almost has the warming sensation of a fine spirit.

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