Beishan Wuyi Oolong

Beishan Wuyi Oolong



Dry leaves are dark brown.  After rinsing, the leaves give off a light aroma of sugar, and a strong aroma of wood.  The first round of brewing expresses the warming smell of longan charcoal. The first sip gives you a calming feeling.  The taste is that of sweet cream with a hint of hazelnut. Already the tea is expressing a mellow cha qi (tea energy).  The color of the tea liquor is a dark golden brown. Second round intensifies the woody aroma. The cha qi continues to spread throughout the body.  It causes a pleasant warmth. The third round introduces the flavor of stone fruits. With the stone fruits, the charcoal flavor, and the sweetness, it reminds us of flambeed fruit.  At this point, the cha qi has spread throughout our entire bodies. We feel deeply relaxed and calm.

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